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Bob Dunn (1908-1971) was the amplified steel guitar’s first stylist. His recordings with Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies were only the first in a 15-year career that resulted in some of the most startling and unique solos in western swing history. This 2-CD box set contains 53 newly-remastered performances from original 78s, restored by Michael Kieffer. A comprehensive booklet includes four essays by historians Kevin Coffey, Cary Ginell, Jeremy Wakefield, and David Sager, dozens of previously unpublished photographs, and full discographical details.

“When Dunn solos, you don’t hear the sweet and dulcet tones of the familiar pedal steel (which had not yet been invented), You hear a lurching, perpetually off-balance-sounding cascade of bent broken tones, raw trombonelike swoops and smears, advanced harmonic substitutions that occasionally make Dunn sound like a proto-bebopper, abrupt squeals of feedback, bell-like harmonics, and above all, a sense of delighted discovery and bemusement, as if the unlikely sounds coming out of Dunn’s amp were startling him as much as his listeners.”

– Robert Palmer

“It’s great to have this selection of Mr. Dunn in such great quality. For people who are searching and investigating western swing as a start..Please buy it now, you will love the quality and the fantastic written booklet in the package! For people familiar with the complete recordings of Milton Brown and the complete recording of Cliff Bruner or Bear Family, please also buy this set as it will be a nice add-on to the songs you have in a refresing career package! Any Western Swing lover….Just Buy it! It will be in your CD player for many many hours!” – Van Oostrom Jacob
“As a very satisfied customer of the previous releases on the OJL label (Milton Brown, Leon Chappelear, Ocie Stockard, W. Lee O’Daniel/Light Crust Doughboys and Sol Hoopii) there was never a doubt that I would pick up this latest release. What a treat! In addition to the usual fine job on the transfers, superbly written and well-researched liner notes, and previously unprinted photos, the packaging on this one is superior to what has come before.The two CD’s cover a wide swath of western swing music, roughly 15 years of Dunn’s performances with groups ranging from Milt Brown, Cliff Bruner and Bill Mounce to Dunn’s own groups. Hearing some of these songs, especially after reading some of the liner notes, was revelatory. The sounds coming out of that steel guitar were WILD!I particularly enjoyed the larger format booklet that accompanied the DVD-size packaging. Of interest are the FOUR separate liner notes, which cover Bob Dunn’s discography, his biography, a great piece by modern steel legend Jeremy Wakefield about the style of Dunn, and a shorter piece about Dunn and his trombone. Never knew he played the trombone before this set.

Bob Dunn: Master of the Electric Steel Guitar is HIGHLY recommended for fans of world class swing, Western Swing, and all around great (steel) guitar playing. Also – by buying this set you keep your money in the USA, folks – no German reissues or cheapie ripoff outfit here.”- Yvonne M. Manganaro

Track List

Western Swing Chronicles, Volume 5 – Disc 1

  1. Taking Off (Milton Brown)
  2. I Love You (Milton Brown)
  3. Wabash Blues (Milton Brown)
  4. Who’s Sorry Now (Milton Brown)
  5. You’re Tired of Me (Milton Brown)
  6. The House at the End of the Lane (Milton Brown)
  7. Somebody Stole My Gal (Milton Brown)
  8. Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider (Milton Brown)
  9. Beale Street Mama (Milton Brown)
  10. An Old Water Mill By a Waterfall (Milton Brown)
  11. Everybody’s Blues (Roy Newman)
  12. She’s Doggin’ Me (Roy Newman)
  13. Takin’ Off (Roy Newman)
  14. Catch On and Let’s Go (Roy Newman)
  15. Over Moonlit Waters (Cliff Bruner)
  16. Yearning Just for You (Cliff Bruner)
  17. When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You) (Cliff Bruner)
  18. I’ll Keep on Loving You (Cliff Bruner)
  19. Star Dust (Cliff Bruner)
  20. Easy Rider – Easy Rider (Buddy Jones)
  21. Just Because You’re in Deep Elem (Shelton Bros.)
  22. A Precious Memory (Leon Selph)
  23. Some Day (Leon Selph)
  24. Mama’s Gone Goodbye (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  25. Blue Skies (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  26. Mean Mistreater (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)

Western Swing Chronicles, Volume 5 – Disc 2

  1. When Night Falls (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  2. You’ll Pay Some Day (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  3. You Don’t Know My Mind (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  4. Graveyard Blues (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  5. I Want the Whole World to Know (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  6. Stompin’ at the Honky Tonk (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  7. I’ll Tell the Wolrd (She’s a Good Little Girl) (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  8. Juke Box Rag (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  9. Marcheta (Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds)
  10. There Must Be Someone for Me (Floyd Tillman)
  11. I Never Felt This Way Before (Floyd Tillman)
  12. Swing Steel, Swing (Bill Boyd)
  13. I Don’t Get It (Bill Mounce)
  14. From the Start (Bill Mounce)
  15. It’s Just My Imagination (Bill Mounce)
  16. Kickin’ It Off (Bill Mounce)
  17. I Found a New Baby (Bill Mounce)
  18. What’s Bob Done? (Bill Mounce)
  19. Bugle Two-Step (Sons of Dixie)
  20. I’m Always Dreaming of You (Sons of Dixie)
  21. Don’t Ever Go Wrong (Sons of Dixie)
  22. Mary Jane (Modern Mountaineers)
  23. Takin’ Off (Modern Mountaineers)
  24. Baby, You’ve Let Me Down (Modern Mountaineers)
  25. San Antonio Blues (Cliff Bruner)
  26. Blue Over You (Tommy Dover)
  27. I’ve Quit My Cattin’ Around (Harry Choates)

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