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New Lead Belly 10-inch Vinyl LP Now Available!

New Lead Belly 10-inch Vinyl LP Now Available!

The two programs on this special release mark the only existing broadcasts of blues/folk legend Huddie Ledbetter’s (a/k/a Lead Belly) “The Story of Folklore,” a weekly radio program aired on Sunday nights during August 1948 on WNYC New York and hosted by Lead Belly. Never before issued, the programs were recently discovered and acquired by OJL, with the assistance and cooperation of the Lead Belly Estate. Available in a 1950s-styled 10-inch LP, much like those issued by Folkways Records with album notes by Lead Belly biographer Kip Lornell. Available in a special blue vinyl edition for the first 1,000 copies only. To order, go to https://originjazz.com/product/lead-belly-lost-radio-broadcasts-wnyc-1948/

“When I put on an OJL CD, I’m confident the music is going to sound better than it ever has or ever will anywhere else. Unmatched devotion to excellence in musical quality, historical notes, sound quality, and packaging.” — Dr. Demento

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