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“I always wanted to play guitar like Mark Spoelstra. I still do and I still can’t. This is such a simple and relaxed work that will invite listenings. Welcome back, Mark!! — Tom Paxton

“…a folk/blues musician of the highest caliber – Mark Spoelstra not only deserves to be remembered, but he should be heard by a whole new generation of listeners.”

Richard Ludmerer Director, The New York Blues & Jazz Society

In the 1960s, Mark Spoelstra was one of the original singer/songwriters of the vital folk music revival that thrived in urban centers such as Greenwich Village and Cambridge. His intricate, blues-influenced work on the six- and twelve-string guitar inspired many young guitar players and songwriters in that exciting time. He cites Mississippi John Hurt, Pete Seeger, Skip James, and especially Jesse Fuller as being his prime influences. He also credits Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry as key inspirations – in the early spring of 1961, Spoelstra chauffeured McGhee & Terry on a tour from Harlem to Chicago. Mark played all the folk festivals and coffee houses from coast to coast, including Gerde’s Folk City (where he had a young duet partner named Bob Dylan), Newport, the Ash Grove, and the Bitter End. A master of the 12-string guitar, Spoelstra drew upon old country blues 78s for inspiration, yet has a innate talent for songwriting. He has recorded for Folkways, Elektra, and Columbia Records, but now is proud to be with Origin Jazz Library. “Out of My Hands” also features an original watercolor portrait by Eric Von Schmidt. This is Mark’s first album in over 20 years.

“…a writer of intensity and brilliance.” -San Francisco Folk “The artist of major interest out here….”

(Berkeley) — Trumbull — Sing Out Magazine.

“Unquestionably the warmest and most enthusiastic response at the SESC Festival went to Mark Spoelstra … insight and sensitivity unmatched by his contemporaries.”

-Boston Broadside #61

“…one of the best … in contemporary song writing.”

–Robert Shelton. N.Y. Times

“…wrung us dry…” Faith Petric, S.F. Folk Festival… virtually unmatched by the current singers and writers of topical songs.”

– L.A. Valley Star

“… one of the most impressive … I’ve heard in a long time.”

– L.A. Free Press – (Paul Jay Robbins)

Track List

Out of My Hands

1)         I’m a Stranger Everywhere

2)         Angelette in Blue

3)         Just for You

4)         Crazy Blue

5)         School Boy Crush

6)         San Joaquin County Fair

7)         Hug Today

8)         T-Bone T-Bone Blues

9)         San Francisco Zoo Song

10)         Dancer’s Choice IV

11)         Touchy Tiger

12)         Teach You to Relax

13)         Yosemite Valley

14)         River of Mercy

15)         Fishin’ Song

16)         Ileanna

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