Curio Cowboys: Sunburst Saga


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The Curio Cowboys have been performing western swing in New Mexico and the 
Southwest for over 10 years. Designed to reflect the territory bands that dotted 
the western landscape more than a half-century ago, the Curio Cowboys cut a wide 
swath of songs that go beyond the standard repertoire associated with Bob Wills, 
the acknowledged King of Western Swing. In addition, they also play music made 
popular by Cliff Bruner, Tex Williams, Milton Brown and more, reflecting the 
widespread influence of western swing in popular culture. The group prides 
itself in its collection of vintage instruments, such as steel guitars, guitars, 
and mandolins, which help round out the authentic vibe of the band's sound. Mike 
Gross of KSEY-FM in Seymour, Texas calls the Curio Cowboys' new CD "Sunburst 
Saga" a "fantastic album, packed with 17 very enjoyable musical cuts of this 
very talented Western Swing band." The Cowboys' CDs always include vivid, 
nostalgic artwork and informative liner notes, penned by group co-founder John 
Feldman. The Cowboys have played for the City of Albuquerque, the Western Music 
Association, as well as countless hotels, dance halls, and community centers 
between Albuquerque and Las Vegas.  


Track List

  1. San Fernando Valley
  2. When You Smile
  3. Tuxedo Junction
  4. I Never Knew
  5. Beale Street Mama
  6. St. Louis Blues
  7. Tulsa Baby
  8. Midnight in Amarillo
  9. Hang Your Head Medley
  10. Russian Lullaby
  11. Let’s All Go to El Paso
  12. Got a Letter From My Kid Today
  13. Dardanella
  14. Heart to Heart Talk
  15. That’s What I Like About the West
  16. I’ve Arrived
  17. Nightlife

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