When I put on an OJL CD, I’m confident the music is going to sound better than it ever has or ever will anywhere else. Unmatched devotion to excellence in musical quality, historical notes, sound quality, and packaging. — Dr. Demento

About “Lead Belly: Lost Radio Broadcasts” – “I was so excited I put it right on the turntable before I even took off my shoes for the evening. I really love Leadbelly and through him have learned so much about the folk tradition and many, many early recording artists. I just want to let you know what a warm and happy feeling I got listening, then re-listening, then re-listening, to this broadcast recording last night. The liner notes are thoughtful and the packaging itself was nicely designed and presented.This disk will be in heavy rotation in my collection for years to come. Thank you for your stewardship of such culturally important recording.” – Adam Johnson, Chicago, IL